FPX 6216 ASSESSMENT 4 Preparing and Managing a Capital Budget

Understanding and executing a capital budget

Capital costs are those that add to the acquisition of fixed assets such as the table, equipment and enhancement of the building for the health office. Considering the history of nursing staff shortages in the past three years and the critical importance of onboarding this procedure for the surgery, we have to implement this process right away to efficiently work in the 50-bed step down unit. Employee, or staff turnover can be due to the reasons that someone is unhappy with the work conditions and has low morale, thus working in a bad atmosphere and environment. Yousef and Eivazzadeh (2023) in their study proves that literature health environment and work burnout is among the leading factor for over-turning of nurses. An important article that appeared this year in the journal of the American Association for Critical-Care Nurses draws attention to a role of a psychologically negative work environment in increasing employee turnover. In their paper, Naseri et al. (2022) point out the fact that as the AACN notes the right workplace ambiance can contribute to improved employee satisfaction and engagement. The rotation of nurses at a high rate forces patient care to plummet hence, it is of paramount significance to figure out what causes the nurses to quit their profession. This might implies improving its ambience to achieve a more cosy atmosphere for the nurses to relax during their break time, and also help to relieve stress among the nurses whilst improving productivity.

Capital Acquisition Description

A nurses’ lounge occupies a specific space of the healthcare facilities where nurses have an opportunity to gather, during their specified break-time and mealtimes, to be socially involved with their colleagues. The priority of this area is to offer nurses a place for some rest and recharging before going back to do all the stuff they do at their job (Drury, 2023). Besides the stressful workflow in the existing patient care area, the nursing staff is always deprived of a calm location for taking care of their immediate needs.

Capital acquirement a necessity for the business development and growth.

Shifts involving assigned workloads that are challenging and last for hours together are quite common among nurses. Crafting a spot in the area for people to socialize, or do mere relaxation and recharging has values beyond any qualifications. The design of the nursing lounge serves as the home away from home for nurses to unwind & recharge their tucked away dramatically; necessary for rejuvenation which promotes relaxation and renewed motivation. As per research done by Duong and Vogel (2023), it is possible that the nursing lounge may thus create the option of a successful approach to combating nurse burnout. Conducting a doctor’s lounge with the provision of comfortable seats, computer facilities, television, a changing art show, and a specialized cook at Enloe Medical School in California has reduced the burnout rate from 48% in 2017 to 37% in 2020. A nursing lounge is where you would have a central place for not only scientific exchange but also for sharing individual experiences and providing mutual guidance. The cognitive distance aspect in nursing can sometimes be a normal state of affairs. Therefore the fact that there is the presence of a supportive community where nurses can freely interact with other people who are experiencing the same exact thing has great value. Consequently, individuals suffer from boosted feelings of inter-connectedness and favor, so they are less likely to feel burnout. In addition, Duong and Vogel (2023) have found out that if over a 1-hour interval once in 2 weeks’ doctors are scheduled to have professional dialogue with a well-knit group of colleagues they would be less likely to suffer from burnout and will be motivated to work better in the medical field. Here, the individualization of the most caring profession, is profound.

FPX 6216 ASSESSMENT 4 Preparing and Managing a Capital Budget

We envision that the relaxation area will encourage mental status as well as physical performance of the nurses in our facility. Another benefit mentioned here is the increase in nurses’ job satisfaction. Nursing staff morale and productivity can be augmented by creating a working environment that promotes a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Over a couple of studies, I came to the conclusion that college as an educational institution, prides itself on a very innovative way. The nurse is seen to potentially excel in their work performance, patient caring, and the fashioning of personal and professional identities within a supportive work environment by Alharbi et al. (2022). In comparison to those who feel frustrated in their job, the nurses who exactly know that they have a job they love, thus derive satisfaction, get the chance to offer their full concentration to their patients and generate positive results for their clients. The overhaul of the staff lounge will mean that nurses can voice their concerns amidst a supportive atmosphere that will consequently improve the quality of treatment rendered to patients. Medical failures are also quite commonly caused by stress and frustration, and here, therefore, good relations with the personnel to relieve them from those problems are crucial. A positive bleed is witnessed in an organization with improved nurse tenure, enhanced patient connection, and heightened revelation of patients’ requirements as there is a shift towards better patient outcomes and the attainment of individualized patient care. ForeverFit Healthcare aims to perform remarkable medical treatments that will enhance the overall health of the patients and this is what makes the renovation of the nursing lounge a must. The main aim of nurse’s lounge renovations is to create a comfortable space where nursing staff can mainly relax, restore, and communicate with their colleagues. Joy and a satisfactory working environment are ensured for patients since the methods reduce staff turnover and increase job satisfaction. Forever Fit Healthcare is grateful for an acknowledgment in one of its recent renovation projects, which is the nursing lounge through its commemoration of patient-focused care. And the appreciation of the nurses as they are rendering critical services in the provision of excellent medical care.

Process for Calculating Costs

Data is collected from various reliable sources, a cost that is the range for all the nurse’s lounge renovation determined. Foods will be obtained from current renovation projects undertaken in our organization and others as well. We will seek data covering the job scope, materials used, budgets, and unexpected costs. Adjustments in manufacturing costs were made through rising costs of materials and labor. To add to this, we had meetings with the building contractors and the builders so as to get balanced information about the financial spread of the project. On the other side, in order to effective budgeting we employed the services of interior designers to identify various spending areas, for instance, paint, furniture, and accessories. We also got the gall to ask the sites that were already in this field about the cost of their commercial renovation endeavors. The price was finally determined by applying the conventional parametric method. The project management technique is based on several phases such as the determination of the expected cost, the appropriate time, or the needed resources to accomplish the activity, and it is also dependent on data gathered previously and redefined parameters. Estimates were done based on specific methodologies including staff materials, labor, and time setting the floor for renovating the nurse’s lounge and making it a more favorable place of work. The subject material of the study was data acquired from projects such as these, characterized with definite characteristics similar to the study being undertaken. The analysis proceeded from the temporal pillar to the financial implications in the end and at last gave the general quality of results. Projects’ particulars were established, covering the area of the lounge itself and the scale of renewal work. The Enough two paint and flooring for the nurse lounge were calculated after the square area of the place equal to the size of the place were done.
8 room. The data was set in motion to find out the amount of material and labor that would be needed for a complete execution of the restoration process.

Conclusion(FPX 6216 ASSESSMENT 4 Preparing and Managing a Capital Budget)

Nurse retention in the healthcare industry is a significant concern that has been linked to challenging work environments and the occurrence of burnout. Updating the nurses’ lounge can yield various advantages that can assist in addressing these issues. The implementation of a makeover has the potential to contribute to the reduction of stress levels among nurses and enhance their overall well-being. This can be achieved by creating a serene and tranquil environment that facilitates rest and rejuvenation. Consequently, nurses may exhibit enhanced efficiency and efficacy in their work. Enhancing the quality of patient care has been found to exhibit a direct association with ameliorating the work environment within the healthcare facility. 


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