NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

Desirable Leadership Qualities

The successful stewardship of the project entails parameters that define exactly how to lead the project team to achieve the objectives. Based on the work “10 Leadership Qualities in an Individual, who is Going to lead the project team” by Elizabeth Low (2012), it should be noted that one must have these qualities to successfully lead a team. Within them, six are crucial with reference to the establishment and running off of an internal procedure for detecting and sensitizing society regarding racial, sexual, and gender needs. I am talking about the visioning capacity which is something undoubtedly demonstrated when somebody has the ability to entail the vision, give word to it, and mobilize the team members and the other stakeholders so that they can work collectively to bring the vision into reality. The second is communicative ability, which allows presenting relevant and comprehensible data concerning the nature and purpose of the project, the teams and member roles, and the performance criteria, and to head communication with different stakeholders.

NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

NHS FPX 5004 Assignment leader and group work is one of the key focus points in Healthcare Quality Management
Integrity is the third and by all means, it is defined as doing things with unquestionable honesty in all circumstances in order to build rapport and trust with the members of the team and the stakeholders. The fourth is the positive attitude demonstrated in pursuit of objectives and an optimistic attitude to their execution. The fifth element is a competency that must be present in the leadership, which is when the leader challenges the team members to help them accomplish their intended goals, help them to grow, and has the capability to model the performance of the project tasks. The sixth is a delegation which is related to the option of trusting the teammates and delegating the task of a team member so he/she performs his/her responsibility without the monitoring of the boss (Low, 2012). This would be the person who excels at these traits and be a transformational leader of our community outreach project.

Leadership Skills

A health leader who also inspired me is a Nurse Manager, Joselyn Freeman-Singleton of Regional One Health who got the Tennessee Hospital Association 2021 Awards of Excellence. She has won the Metro-Area’s Leadership and health improvement award for her proactive work to set up a medical oncology program and a new hospital ward for inmates transported from Mississippi (Regional One Health, 2021). Evaluating the critical skills of a leader and comparing their relativity with healthcare project management requirements, the leader possesses the following three most important attributes of a successful leader. Moreover, the respondent demonstrated change management competence by acknowledging the problem and bumping forward the plans of the installation of an in-house oncology service within the health institution. Transfer of power is a soft skill that I am not yet learned, and I am not always clear about my desire of the facility and objectives to proactively achieve them. Besides the skill of applying change management, I will be able to learn the techniques of getting the project implemented from scratch.

For example, the NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 leader and group collaboration emphasized the social and analytical skills which is vital in management.
In addition to this was the skill of negotiation whereby she was able to handle the faculty that was needed from other external sources for the smooth running and functioning of the oncology service unit. Muddling through as the care coordination role at the hospital, I have gradually learned how to form coalitions and negotiations with the providers of these outpatient services (accepting the fact that the providers typically have strong ties with the hospital and alternate only under extreme situations). Moreover, Freeman-Singleton displayed the skill of influencing people by motivating the stakeholders to work together, enlightening the internal staff about the different kinds of resources required for oncology care and lastly, ensuring every staff member was trained and possessed the right knowledge needed for a constant level of delivery of oncology care regardless of the nurses on duty (Regional One Health, 2021). Added to this fact, she also functioned very well with various other partners in the process of creating a workable inpatient unit for inmates from Mississippi.

My Sphere of Authority as a Project Leader

In my leadership project, I will practice the management system from the Transformational theory while planning my roles and functions in the leadership. A model is chosen because it contributes to the improvement of work engagement amongst healthcare workers, which is simultaneously the development of a safety culture (Ree & Wiig, 2019). As for the transformational leadership model, it focuses more on the development of followers where there is stimulation by the leader, inspiration, and motivation (Giddens, 2018). The implication of my responsibilities in project management as the implementation leader is that I will have to hire a team of people from different professions that will ensure the project ends successfully. It is my role as a team leader to initiate building this team. Later I will inspire my members to do their task on schedule as well as motivate them to achieve the goals of this project. The transformational leadership model which embraces the building of work relations and is focused on change (2018). Consequently, I will act as making a consensual team environment that will allow the team members to be close through this closeness I mean the teammates will accomplish the tasks appointed.

For the choice of character to show how leadership can raise a group collaboration to greater heights, we will go for Lady Macbeth.
Approach for Facilitating Collaboration
In the course of project work, we are going to be greatly putting emphasis on team collaboration because of the need to reach the project objectives. Collaboration can be viewed as a necessity, as it will include a heterogeneous group of highly qualified and experienced specialists that are be identified by each of the areas, such as cultural communication, human resources, health promotion, staff training, patient education, and finance management, etc. Gratton and Erickson (2007) in their article ‘Eight Approaches to Facilitating Collaboration’ published in Harvard Business Review argued eight methods to make collaboration effective; the approaches they suggest I will modify and apply in my project team.



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