NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Introducing a Novel Proposal

NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Introducing a Novel Proposal

Executive Summary: Introducing a Novel Economic Initiative

The function and duty of Raulerson Hospital like other medical institutions is to avail healthcare for patients with quality One factor that facilitates the improvement of care services quality is the separation of departments into those providing specific medical services. Individual hospitals have separate cardiac wards, liver units, and urology departments which are located elsewhere. Raulerson Hospital needs to introduce a Diabetes Care Unit in the hospital to provide the best quality of healthcare to diabetic patients. The place where patients can meet specialists to chat and medicate is called the diabetes clinic. diabetes (UK, n.d.). Such a diabetes center could be the most suitable option to enable people to check their blood sugar levels as well as to reach out to the necessary specialists. Such a diabetes clinic helps to gather medical doctors and nurses in one place, which will increase the availability of services to the patients. It is the quantity of information the expert in the field would have that leads someone to consider their usual doctor or GP rather than attending the original consultant.

Raulerson Hospital is situated in Okeechobee, which numbers 5,724 people based on the latest census reports. The prevalence of diabetes in 2019, especially in the global environment, was estimated to be 9.3% (Saeedi et al., 2019). If this rate is taken it becomes clear that the number of diabetic patients in this city of 5,724 people population would be about 530. As diabetes is intensive, and requires continuous attention and consultation, it is more convenient to develop an individual department/clinic in the complex.

Benefits of Establishing a Diabetes Clinic , NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Introducing a Novel Proposal

The six principles of quality of healthcare are timeliness, safety, patient-focusedness, efficiency, equity, and effectiveness (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2016). Through the introduction of a clinic for diabetic patients in the Raulerson Hospital we can start with patient-centeredness, which will mean taking their history, personality etcetera into consideration whilst providing healthcare. Another advantage that the special clinic will have is its high relative effectiveness and efficiency because of the fact that it will be operating to satisfy only one type of patients suffering from diabetes, hence, it will enable the clinic to carry on this task more efficiently and effectively compared to a hospital or other medical institutions which serve various cases of patients.

The establishment of the diabetes unit is of great importance to the residents of Okeechobee for their treatment as they need to visit the hospital from time to time. The diabetes-dedicated unit being useful is because the professionals and doctors will have an opportunity to have friendly relationships with the patients and will most keenly communicate with them. Additionally, it is very effective for a doctor or specialist to see a patient only a few times since they get to understand his personality, weird sides, and previous history.
The initial cost for the establishment of a diabetes clinic is huge. The equipment for blood tests will be included in the list of the other required equipment. In this modern era, technological equipment is widely available and applied in different analytical and evaluative modules associated with diabetes.

It is quite obvious that the benefit of the establishment of a diabetes unit is enormous and visible. Nevertheless, the negative effects would be noticed as the load shift to the main hospital, and the extra manpower that will be employed to run it.

Influences on Establishing a Dedicated Diabetes Care Unit

The discovery of the factors that play a role in the running of the clinic is different. The Rauseron Hospital is the hospital that is at the core of the medical complex in Okeechobee. It is a big place without having many rivals. This suggests that the development prospects are also in favour of our vision. In close proximity there are also houses and residential properties which grant us a source of uninterrupted regular clients.

The budget of the project adds up to $400,000 in total. To this amount, will be added only the cost of the new building and the new equipment. As the hospital’s current premises will be used for the project, the project won’t incur extra charges for the land. It will be supplied from the whole capital that institution reserve has got.

According to the data that has been mentioned, about 530 individuals constituting the county population of Okeechobee maybe suffering from diabetes. In this number there will be a use of the majority of those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes which demands a constant and regular checks. As per a study, 90% all diabetics are type 2, (Santos-Longhurst, 2020). This implies that 450, out of 500 patients will be having type 2 diabetes. In this case, if the appointments to clinic are made weekly, then the clinic would be visited once in a week by 50 patients. Consulting will cost $100 fixed. Though the clinic’s revenue is estimated to be $5,000 per week even if the numbers are rounded to the nearest $1000, revenue will be $5000 weekly Since the cost is subtracted from the projected sales, it is possible to forecast that in the first four to six years the clinic will breakeven and receive a cash surplus.

Evaluating Supply and Demand Dynamics at the Diabetes Clinic

Of the 530 patients in this sample which was drawn from the population, type 2 diabetes is experienced in 450 (Santos-Longhurst, 2020). The diabetes clinic differs from ERs and UCCs (Urgent Care Centers) since it is not a place where a person receives a one-time treatment only. Unlike this, the clinic would have a long-term stream of patients despite the fact that 90% of the patients diagnosed with diabetes are suffering from type 2 diabetes, which would require regular consultation and treatment.
Considering the fact that Raulerson Hospital serves as major general private care centre for the territory, the competition or loss of the clients might be less of a concern. We also have emergency services and other medical centres in the vicinity such as the Dentistry, the Okeechobee Eye Center, but they do not compete against the diabetic clinic.

Since there is nothing like it in the vicinity, based on this factor, it can be reasonably expected that there will be the positive demand for the proposed diabetic health service.

Nevertheless, the project comes with its share of grey zones too. It is difficult for the small area of the town of Okeechobee to keep the project sustainable due to the low number of patients. In the same vein, the irresponsive attitude from the other side of the patients or the just simple unawareness about how serious the condition can be lead to the same extent of problems.

Conclusion NHS FPX 6008 Assessment 1 Introducing a Novel Proposal

The above-provided demographical data provides more evidence that this project is feasible as it highlights the number of diabetics in the area, as well as the percentage of type 2 patients among said diabetics. The cost estimates for the project inhere the notion that this project will show to be profitable for the institution by breakeven early on in its lifespan. It is evident from the data collected here that establishing a diabetic department/clinic will be a good investment.


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