NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3 Quality Improvement Presentation Poster KG

NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3 Quality Improvement Presentation Poster KG

NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3 Quality Improvement Presentation Poster KG

The unidentified and the untreated hypertension and COPD. Normally, primary care is about leveling the playing field regarding health disparity – hypertension, depression, & COPD. These issues are leaving a negative mark in the lives and well-being of the patient. The hypertension and anxiety issue is treated and fully cured with the use of the quality initiative models which we applied in this case. The most relevant way of dealing with this health matter that has become a serious hazard is to provide the persons with the health industry with all necessary attributes to access mental support. This would be the perfect opportunity for us to generate and offer suitable and blueprints change management models like PDSA and provide solutions as CBT to people who are mentally disordered. Besides that, the hospitals should also adopt the educational tactic to educate more nurses to bring patients the help of remote and collaborative CBT. The application of such a framework as the PDCA, which stands for Plan-Do-Check-Act is a solution that we consider as essential for implementing the growth of our patients. This is the strategy that is part of our change policy in the organization to improve patients’ quality of life (Khan, 2019).

Biopsychosocial Concepts for Advanced Nursing Practice I próflektorowie Kimberlyankedisi Padendoра Bright Capella Universitysterreichałożenie («Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm»).
Quality Improvement Methods

Improving Quality in Nursing: Presentation Poster for NURS FPX 6021 Assessment 3

The said goals that should be achieved are obtained through application of QI principles that finally become the outcomes of the current systems. Application of the Qi incorporates what preceded the processes and management of distress, anxiety, depression, and hypertension (Kyrou & Karteris, 2020).
An action is planned on the improvement of PCOS treatment and outcome. Consequently, the results would improve in the area. Besides the medical treatments and physical symptoms improvement, the professionals also apply CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Theory) that will help patients who have not been diagnosed yet to prevent that from happening. It has contributed to correct reckless glucose or metabolic deficiency.
Upon having arrived at the already in mind, a concept map was designed in order to enhance inter-professional collaborations which involves interactions among health practitioners and patients and their families to give them satisfaction (Khan, 2019).
By means of proper use of judicial settings instead of non-discriminatory conditions, it is possible to bring about a change which will affect the hypertension patients positively.
This cycle should be conducted to achieve the desired care until any other practice is integrated with a pharmaceutical intervention that is evidence based (Sookoian & Pirola, 2019).
Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) method is to nurse the way of implementation. This way of thinking process is being made easier for which the model gives divided four steps guide. It breaks down the tasks into steps (Donnelly, 2021).
Evidence Supporting QI Methods
According to the scholars, CBT therapy reaches the goals more easily in collaborative efforts between nurses and clients and other stake holders like R& D professionals and surgeons through unification of these efforts to improve the quality of patient care (Khan, 2019).
The The Use of Benzodiazepine drugs should be explored and executed carefully because they have been found to reduce headaches and tremors in higher blood pressure patients (Kyrou 2020)
Patient-centric strategies better serve the needs of the beneficiaries by addressing the immediate needs of the patients.

Communication Quality Enhancement

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Benefits of the Project Holistically

The proposed strategy is change-oriented and said that there is an urgent necessity to work as a team so that pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions can be introduced and integrated (Borsches, 2019).
Professionals equipped with a team aim at close interaction and forming peer groups and unity to achieve a common organizational objective mainly to improve patient care quality and safety through consistent communication.
To detect any failure or gaps, the role of interprofessional collaboration is crucial to ensure the safety and quality issues of the patient.
As per study made public on Lim (2014), cmmunication becomes effective when it can increase the level of pateints’ experience.

Communication quality also can make a crucial difference in the number of patients’ feedbacks and nurses’ self-confidence and self-knowledge.

It will lead to an improvement of their professional positions.

Thus, it enhances the ability of healthcare professionals to gain better job positions and increase the work satisfaction by using video and remote communication tools.
Interprofessional Team Benefits
Huge research and evidence go together to indicate that interprofessional strategy is prerequisite for providing keys to meet the physical and psychiatric needs of the patients,
Experts can help organizations and also their consumers through employing telehealth and automated tools and pharmacological methods.
Besides that, nurses and other practitioners must have the skill of the diabetes type 2 and hypertension so that they can change the behavior and lifestyle of patients.
This plan will aid the patients in attaining even better routines of exercising and hence help them to accomplish their wellbeing goals. In addition, nurses are empowered to decrease readmissions related to PCOD and, furthermore, there are added systematic visualizations of psychological interventions thereby, it helps in building valuable relationships with the stakeholders.
Knowledge and financial resources’ utilization limitations will also be addressed by the process of implementation and technology adoption.

A Presentation Poster for Assessment 3 in NURS FPX 6021

For fulfilling the team objectives, teamwork among stakeholders such as surgeons, nurses, patients, and pharmacists can help to raise their knowledge about change management and take necessary steps to form cohesion in teems to achieve targets.

Teamwork among team stakeholders can therefore allow everyone to “own” a part of the product or service in the healthcare industry to achieve the goals of patient safety and security.
Knowledge Gaps and Unknowns
Some nurses and leaders often arrive at wrong conclusions if the data received from the check phase is misinterpreted.

Researchers also observed that nurses having low knowledge of change management and its importance often show resistance to change and oppose measuring the success of these interventions and outcomes.

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